Links and Resources

General Computer-Assisted Miniatures

Wargaming Machines:This site lists out many of the computer-assisted miniatures wargaming systems available today, along with some articles on the subject.

Victorian Science-Fiction (for the Viktoria! App)

Redoubt Enterprises: Redoubt makes a line of British infantry and artillery in home-service uniforms, as well as period Russians for refighting the "Great Game."

Ironclad Miniatures: This producer has a few home-service British, including guardsmen in bearskins. There are also some French and Prussians available from this company, as well as lots of useful character figures. These are a large modern 28mm.

Hinterland Miniatures:This company provided the original inspiration for Viktoria! with their 1900-era female hussars. The line includes a number of other excellent female warriors, including trench raiders and colonial marines.

HMWRS 19th Century European Figures Listing:This site provides a listing of historical figures, many of which are useful for doing historically-based "what-if" games of the period.

North Star Military Figures:These guys have so many relevant miniatures it is incredible! Particularly of note are the "North Star" lines for Steampunk, 1864, and 1866. Another good one to look at is Great War Miniatures: they do excellent French line in their Crimean range. There are really too many different lines to list them all. You can spend a lot of rewarding time on this site!

Some Less-Common Napoleonics Figures (for The Other Side of the Hill)

Because The Other Side of the Hill is not only a skirmish game, but one in which some non-combatant types appear on the tabletop, we provide here some links to figures for civilians and other uncommon figure types. This listing is certainly not comprehensive, but reflects the figures we found in our own efforts to locate period-appropriate non-military types.

Askari Miniatures "Spanish Guerilla Monks":My favorite armed monks are available from Askari Miniatures - it is a one-off set sold under their Rules & Accessories category, as they typically do not produce Napoleonic figures.

Perry Miniatures Spanish Civilians/Armed Clergy:Perry Miniatures has an extensive line of Napoleonics, but buried in their Carlist War line are two sets of Spanish civilians and a set of armed clergy, all useful (and still period-appropriate). Some of the figures in their Spanish Napoleonics line will also prove useful (Catalonian Legion in roundhats, for example, or the fusiliers in part-civilian clothing) as guerillas.

Front Rank Napoleonic Civilians/Spanish Guerillas:Front Rank is a very popular producer of Napoleonics, and they offer many useful figures. Among these are their Napoleonic civilians (including a mounted and dismounted aristocrat in Regency dress, who makes a good Exploring Officer, as well as some ladies) and their range of Spanish guerillas.

So what about Sharpe?

If you need to field a Richard Sharpe, and perhaps some of the other characters from the show, then you have a few options (although fewer than there used to be). The old Chiltern set is no longer available, nor are the figures produced by Alban Miniatures. Warlord and Perry both do great sets of British riflemen (including a set of "Chosen Men" in metal from Warlord), but none recognizable as our favorite hero or his companions. But you still have some options:

Brigade Games:There are four sets of interest here - the British Rifles Veterans and their officers.

Redoubt Enterprises:They don't give them names, but they look a bit familiar... (There is even a female mounted guerilla figure which may bear some similarity to the character played by Assumpta Serna!)

Highwaymen and Other Outlaw Heroes (for Powder & Masque)

This app can be used with figures depicting several different settings: the classic early-18th Century English one (very similar to what might be seen in Ireland or even France at the time), but also some with differences: Jacobite Scotland, 18th and 19th Century Italy, and even Hungary and the Balkans. The following links provide some ideas about where figures for these different settings can be found.

Outpost Wargame Services:UK-based Outpost does a line of highwaymen featuring many of the famous outlaws of the genre (Dick Turpin, the Wicked Lady, and so on) - follow the link to Ranges on the left-hand side of the page. They also have several other useful figures for footpads, victims, and dragoons. They are available in the US from Badger Games.

Blue Moon Manufacturing (aka Old Glory):The "Swashbucklers, Rogues & Desperadoes" line has some highwaymen, some thieves, and a good coach model. The Old Glory "Pirates" line has some very useful sets, including their Village Mob, European Captains, the Governor's Mounted Guard, and the Fat Governor and Creepy Assistants, among others.

Wargames Foundry:The "18th Century Civilians" line has some highwaymen (and woman), and a bunch of other useful figures. The related website for Casting Room Miniatures also has some very useful figures in their "Rebels & Rioters" line.

Trent Miniatures:Now available from Northstar, the Chouan rebels and other figures from this line are quite useful for 18th Century armed civilians.

Front Rank:Although they have many good lines containing historical figures for government forces (Jacobites, Seven Years' War, etc.) the key thing they offer is a line of 18th Century civilians, wagons, and some pistols, swords, and muskets which can be purchased to equip unarmed civilians.

Warfare Miniatures (League of Augsburg):These guys specialize in late-17th and early 18th Century subjects, and have a good line of carts and wagons. They are available in the US from Warfare Miniatures USA.

Gringo 40s:Although focused mostly on 40mm figures, these guys have some really excellent 28mm offerings as well. If you are interested in doing Briganti in Naples or Southern Italy during the 19th Century, these guys have you covered: Picciotti, Briganti (Italians bandits of the female persuasion), Neapolitan infantry and cavalry (and officers and artillery), Piedmontese infantry and Bersaglieri, Papal troops and more. All of these are in their "Garibaldi's Wars 1860" line. The figures are a largish 28mm, so may not match with those of some other manufacturers, but the sculpting is beautiful.

Mirliton:If you are doing the 19th Century as a setting, Italian manufacturer Mirliton has a range of figures which may be useful, covering not just Italians, but also French and Austrians for the 19th Century.

Steve Barber Models:If you choose the Balkans as a setting, the critical figures will be from the "Greek War of Independence" line. They also have a "Europe in Revolution" line which might have some useful figures for Hungary.

West Wind:There are several packs from the "Gothic Horror - Vampire Wars" line which may be useful, if you choose an Hungarian or Balkan setting: Transylvanian mobs and gypsies (including a gypsy caravan).