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This page provides an overview of the games we currently provide. All are in the form of web apps, suitable for using on a tablet (our preference) or smartphone.

Traditional Competitive Games

These are traditional miniatures wargames where the players assume the roles of opposing commanders, and fight it out on the tabletop. These games may benefit from having a game master, but do not require it.

    Viktoria! A game of Victorian and Edwardian adventure set in Europe c. 1900, these rules play more like traditional Colonials games than they do the current crop of "steam-punk" games employing a mere handful of figures. You can recreate the Prussian 1910 Invasion of Britain, rescue the prisoner of Zenda from those devious Ruritanian plotters, or refight any number of other conflicts which never happened (but should have!). The app replaces all chart and table look-ups, but uses the traditional handful of six-sided dice. Designed for use with 25mm figures, but can be adapted for 15mm. Viktoria! also has a setting for solo/cooperative play if desired.

    In Freedom's Cause:  A fast-playing game of regimental combat in the American Civil War, the app computes modifiers more easily and realistically than paper-and-dice games, generating tables on which players roll. The opposing sides range from a brigade to a corps. There are two settings: one for traditional competitive play, and the other a cooperative/solo play mode. Can be used with any scale of miniatures.

    La Guerre à  Outrance: A grand-tactical game of the Franco-Prussian War, allowing players to refight entire battles in a single session. Focus is on army- and corps-level command, with the computer handling lower-level details to give a realstic game in a fast-playing format. Uses a popular basing system and will work with most player's collections.

    Bloody Dismal Fight: Refight the Hundred Years' War, the Burgundian Wars, or the Wars of the Roses with this fast-play late Medievals system. Fight full-scale battles, featuring full-size armies, but in a quick, decisive format which is easy to learn. Optimized for remote and convention play using 25mm/28mm miniatures, using basing compatible with many popular rules sets for the period.

    El Gran Capitán: The Italian Wars were the defining conflict of the age, with the Hapsburg and Valois dynasties struggling against each other for more than half a century. Now you can refight the colorful battles of 1500-1546 at the dawn of the Pike & Shot era in a quick, decisive format which is easy to learn. Optimized for remote and convention play using 25mm/28mm miniatures, using basing compatible with many popular rules sets for the period.

Tabletop Campaigns

These games are not tabletop battle games, but instead provide a campaign framework allowing a series of tabletop battles to form a coherent whole. Some will allow a "campaign" to be completed in a single gaming session, through a series of short engagements. Other will span multiple gaming sessions.

    Powder & Masque: [COMING SOON!] Become the leader of a band of highwaymen or rogues in this game of extortion, blackmail, cattle-theft, kidnapping, and highway robbery! Players compete to see who can amass the most loot in any 17th to 19th century European (or colonial American) setting, from Hounslow Heath to the Jacobite highlands to the mountains of Sicily. Designed for use with a moderate (75-100 figure) collection in 25mm/28mm, but can be played in 15mm. Provides simple dice-driven rules for tabletop battles, with the app running the campaign and offering up potential victims. Plays to concusion in a single gaming session.

    Devil in the Wilderness: Devil in the Wilderness is a colonial gothic-horror skirmish game for 2-5 players. A typical game plays in 2 hours and needs a 4x4 game surface with village terrain and 10-15 miniatures per side.

Playing Against the Machine

These games pit the players against the computer, allowing for one or more players all to be on the same side. In multi-player games, a game master is strongly recommended, but these games also lend themselves well to solo play.

    The Other Side of the Hill Lead a company of riflemen or light troops in this Sharpe's-inspired game of scouting and skirmishing set in the Peninsular War. Players each run a handful of small units (riflemen, light infantry, light cavalry, or artillery) as they attempt to locate the main French force concentrations, exchange fire with legere and dragoons, rescue badly-lost British maidens, ally with the Guerillas, and fight gangs of deserters. It's all there except for that silly volley-gun! Designed for use with a moderate (100-150 figure) collection in 25mm, but can be played in other scales.

    With the Colours in the Late War (Being an Account of the Regiment's Adventures in the Recent Continental Unpleasantness) A simple traditional toy-solder game (we play with glossy 54mm) designed for each player to run a single force of a dozen or two soldiers against an unspecified continental opponent, played by the computer. The game is set in the war that Edwardian children fought out on the livingroom floor with their Britains, whatever that was(!). Win a Victoria Cross or get unjustly cashiered for cowardice! Lots of 6-sided dice and ultra-simple rules: this is a fun, quick game which is suitable for adults and children both.

    Note:Viktoria!, listed above, also has a feature which enables solo/cooperative play.

    Note:In Freedoms Cause, listed above, also has a feature which enables solo/cooperative play.

    1848! The revolutions of 1848 came to be known as the "Spring of Nations," forever changing the world we live in. While these revolutions did not feature many set-piece battles, they can still be the subject of an engaging miniatures wargame using this app, which puts players in the role of revolutionary leaders trying to raise the populace and overthrow the tyrannical forces of Absolutism. Rouse the workers and arm them with captured weapons! Sack the Grand Duke's palace and declare a Republic! Liberate political prisoners (and the national treasury while you're at it)! But watch out for the government troops - if you can't incite them to mutiny, your republic may not last very long... Designed for a moderate (100-200 figure) 25mm collection, but can be played in other scales.

Game Master Tools

This category includes apps which are designed to complement other games systems by adding support for a specific feature of play. They can typically be used with almost any rules set.

    Die Roller! Automatic Die roller for all the popular dice (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D3, D100).

    Multi Player Die Roller! Automatic Die roller for all the popular dice (D4,D6,D8,D10,D12,D20, D3, D100, Gaslands Skid Dice) that you can use to play online and share die rolls during a game. (I mean - do you really trust your gaming buddies not to lie about all those bad rolls?)

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