Remote Miniatures Wargaming Resources

In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us find ourselves unable to meet for our usual games. The answer: remote gaming. This list provides links to everything we have found that might be helpful to remote miniatures gamers, both from us and from the Web in general. Listings are in no particular order, and will be added to as we discover more sites of interest.

    Multi-Player Virtual Die-Roller:There are lots of virtual die-rolling apps, but not very many which let you see the other guy's rolls! We have added support for Gaslands skid dice, and will extend the functionality as we have time and good ideas (contact us if you've got one!)

    Perry Miniatures' Remote Gaming video:Some good advice from the Perrys.

    Virtual Tabletop Gaming:A public Facebook group for things related to remote tabletop gaming.

    Remote Tabletop Wargaming - A First Attempt:An article describing one way to game remotely in real time using a single web-cam and Skype.

    Remotegaming:Gabriel Landowski writes a piece on TMP describing how a remote game can be played using stills from a digital camera and e-mail.

    Isolation Update #5: Remote Gaming:A blog post from the Fencing Frog describing a game of Black Seas.

    Let's Roll:A virtual miniatures convention on May 16, 2020.

    Walcourt by Skype:A YouTube video where Steve Spence plays the Walcourt 1689 scenario from the Pike & Shotte rule book (the one Barry Hilton wrote). It is a 6-player remote game with a web-cam positioned on the table during play.

    Joy and Forgetfulness:Conrad Kinch gives us some tips and an account of a game of Men Who Would Be Kings, with a link to a video blog-post on the subject, too.

    Invasion of Alsace, 1869:An after-action report of a remote Skype game with 4 players.