a Game of Witches and Holy Men

It is 1689 and King Philips War, between the Northern English colonies and the Native peoples, is over. Atrocities have been committed by both sides. But the fighting isn't done - five factions still vie for control of New England...

"I saw her dancing in the woods!"

"She's a witch!"

"My crops haven't grown!"

"He cursed our land!"

"He's a witch!"

Accusations fly as fear poisons the colonists' hearts. Cotton Mather, the head of the Church of Boston, orders trials to maintain the confidence of the people. He is also using these trials to further his political career - accusations of witchcraft handily remove any political opposition. He decides to employ a team of Witch Hunters, loyal only to him.

In Falmouth, Maine, an Anglican preacher, Rev. George Burroughs, covets Cotton Mather's power. After a recent native uprising, however, many of the English have abandoned their faith and left Falmouth. Burroughs sees an opportunity to take control in the northern colony, and schemes to move on Boston, but he will need help if he is to succeed. With no loyalty to God or his cowardly English countrymen, he knows exactly what dark allies to seek out. Ones that could wrest control of the Church in Boston from the Mathers and place it in his hands. Ones that could make him all-powerful.

Militia from every township dutifully line up and march out in their King's name, commanded by Colonel Church, to fight back the native scourge. But they are ultimately under the control of his holiness Cotton Mather, and will obey his orders to hunt down Reverend Burroughs and his Ghost Witches.

In the longhouse of the Wabenaki council, Burroughs sits on a hide-covered wooden bench. The smoke from the fire does nothing to obscure the host of dark eyes which scrutinize him. One man stands gripping his hatchet and knife - weapons still bearing the stains of English blood. "The Shadegamutc are not to be called on for any purpose! Such evil should be left alone by both Wabenaki and crazy English holy men! We should kill him and be done with this madness!"

A second native stands, the hard steel of his blade gleaming in the firelight as he slips it into its sheath. “We have fought the English for many seasons, and many have died. We will lose this war! I do not want my children to die! I don't want them to be forced from their homes! If using the Shadegamutc, the sacred Ghost Witches, protects our future, then I am happy to be being damned in the present.” He strides to Burroughs, forcing him to his feet. "They will strengthen you, empower you. They will steal your soul and flow through you. You will destroy many Englishmen! All the Englishmen!"

A detachment of French soldiers rests at their camp in the forest. A scout and an officer climb a nearby mound where they can observe an odd skirmish. An English militia unit fights a hopeless battle against Reverend Burroughs. With the support of Witches in ghostly form he easily despatches the frightened men. The scout trembles at the scene. "Are we really going to ally ourselves with such evil?" The icy eyes of the officer shift to the man's face. "The English madman shares our goal, to rid this land of the English. He may not be a true friend or ally, but we can use him to do our killing for us."

Will the forces of Evil triumph, and the colonists of Boston become slaves to their enemies? Or will the Church prevail, and the Reverend Burroughs take his place on the gallows? No one knows what the future holds, but one thing is certain - there is a Devil in the Wilderness, and He is on his way!

Get in on this card based miniatures game where you can be the hunter, or the hunted... or both!

Figure Scale:This game is best played with 28mm figures, although it can be scaled down to 15mm.

Equipment needed:This game is best played on a 4x4 board, but can be played on a larger setup for multiplayer games. You will need 5-10 minitaures per player, creatures and NPC's, and the more scatter terrain and buildings, the better. You will also need D10 dice (unless you are using the app), and a tape measure.


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