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    Miniatures wargaming is a social hobby at heart, and the advent of COVID-19 has made it unwise or impossible for many of us to game the way we usually do. However, this does not mean that you cannot game! Painting lead is fine, but we all need to push it sometimes, too.

    Here at Application of Force we produce apps that lend themselves well to solo gaming, as well as games conducted over internet conferencing systems like Skype or Zoom, where a web-cam is used to provide a view of the table.

    We will be extending our free membership offer for another month, due to the prolonged nature of the current COVID-19 isolation - contact us for details. Further, we have put together a page of remote gaming resources for those who are interested.

    We have released our regimental American Civil War game In Freedom's Cause, complete with an optional coop/solo module.

    We are also providing support for gamers who are fond of the Gaslands system, including skid dice in our online multi-player dice-roller and shareable game templates for players and game masters when playing remotely.

Our mission is to provide apps for miniatures wargaming, not merely as play aids, but as the core systems used to run tabletop battles and campaigns. While there are many excellent computer-assisted miniatures wargaming systems, these often ignore the fact that the best way to bring computers into a wargame is on your smartphone or tablet. Here at Application of Force we want to change that.

While our focus is mostly on historical miniatures games, we also include fantasy and science-fiction (including the Victorian kind). Many games are traditional in style, allowing two players to face off across the table. Other games are what we call "tabletop campaigns," where a series of smaller connected battles can be fought to a conclusion in a gaming session or two. Many of these use popular rules sets which players may already know. Yet a third category of games are the "Against the Machine" games, where players are all on the same side, and the computer is the enemy. These games generally require a game master, although they can also be good for solo play.

Devices allow us to explore new ways of fighting miniature battles on the tabletop, and we will continue to look for new and interesting ways to use the potent combination of miniatures and hand-held technology in our games. As supporters of computer-assisted miniatures gaming generally, we will make all of our games accessible for a single subscription fee, including all updates. While we won't buy and paint the miniatures for you, we will try to give you everything else you need to play, including PDFs of the rules and information about what miniatures are needed to play a given game and suggestions for where to find them.

We are strong believers in growing the hobby of historical miniatures wargaming, and are happy to work with others to promote it. If you have a game app which we could host, or have ideas for us, please contact us.

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