About Us

Application of Force is a site dedicated to promoting not just computer-assisted miniatures wargaming, but wargaming apps which will run on the devices that have become ubiquitous in every facet of our lives. The idea of using computers to moderate miniatures wargames is hardly new, but the possibilities of having hand-held, networked devices at the table while gaming creates a world of new possibilities. We are dedicated to helping realize those possibilities for miniatures wargamers.

While we have a preference for historical miniatures games, we are not puritanical about it, and will indulge our occasional taste for fantasy and science fiction. This will be reflected in the game apps we develop and publish. What devices do allow us to do, however, is to explore aspects of miniatures wargames which are non-traditional in form: playing against the machine, or exploring aspects of periods which do not lend themselves well to us-against-them set-piece battles familiar to most historical wargamers.

As we combine the power of modern device computing and miniatures wargaming, there is an endless number of new avenues to explore - Application of Force is here to help you start the journey!

Arofan Gregory

Arofan has worked as an IT consultant for more than 20 years in the fields of statistics, international trade, and publishing. He is a life-long historical miniatures gamer, and wrote his first computer-assisted program in 1995, after playing Carnage & Glory at a convention. Since then, he has written more than 20 computer-assisted miniatures wargames systems, mostly for personal use.

Almost every historical period appeals to Arofan, and this is reflected in a broad collection of miniatures in a range of scales, including a collection of 54mm traditional glossy toy soldiers and 30mm flats. He sculpts and casts his own wargaming minatures and toy soldiers, and (in his spare time) plays the pipes.

Dave Valentine

Dave has worked as a developer and network engineer for more than 20 years, with a depth of experience in large-scale enterprise systems. In 2017 he started hosting the MADD Game Days at the Makerspace at Amherst Middle School in New Hampshire - there are 5 events a year, with a normal attendance of 20-25 people, playing six to ten miniatures games of different types. The game days are open to all, and are purely community-driven (they are non-commercial).

Dave's interests are broad, but he has a preference for King Philip's War (17th Century New England), the American Revolution, the French & Indian War, Victorian Science Fiction, and the World Wars. He is a long-time reenactor in these periods - in the picture below, he is serving as WWII Air Corps ground crew for the Yankee Lady.

Both Dave and Arofan have Scottish ancestry, and both of them are addicted to 3D printing. (We are not sure if these facts are related, but if so it's probably because they're cheap!)