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Continental Warfare in Miniature c. 1900

Figure Scale: This game is designed for use with individually based 25mm/28mm miniatures, but can be used with smaller miniatures by adjusting the measurement units for all distances (centimeters instead of inches for 15mm, etc.).

Equipment Needed:A collection of two to several dozen miniatures is needed, typically in units of 6-12 (cavalry), 12-24 (infantry), or a gun and 3-6 crew (artillery and MGs). Individual "character" figures may also be used. Table and terrain requirements are normal. Six-sided dice and rulers/tape measures in inches are needed.

Type of Game: Tabletop battle game, similar to many traditional Colonials rules systems for small-unit actions. Also has a mode for solo/cooperative play "against the machine."

Link to App: Viktoria!

Rules and Guidelines for Play: HTML   PDF

"Henderson's Farm" Demo Game: Viktoria solo play

"The Caithness Castle Affair" (Coop/Solo Scenario): HTML   PDF

"The Battle of Bournemouth, 1907" (Competitive Play Scenario): HTML   PDF


Victorian science fiction has become a popular period for miniatures wargamers, combining as it does the color of colonials with the fun of the "what-if" creations of period writers. Viktoria! attempts to capture the flavor of the fiction of the era, providing for some of the imaginary elements while trying not to be overwhelmed by them. It feels more like a traditional Colonials game than it does some of the popular "steam-punk" rules, which use only a handful of figures and play more like a modern Hollywood film than like an Edwardian adventure novel.

At heart, this is a small-unit game for Edwardian combat as conducted by the pre-WWI forces of the European powers, with some additional rules for steam-powered tanks and various flying machines, etc. It is up to players whether they want to include such elements in their games, or to play something more strictly historical in nature.

History has shown us that the envisioned combat between the late-19th century European powers did not come to pass, devolving instead into the miasma and horrors of trench warfare. Viktoria! lets you fight the wars of the era as they might have been, and as they were expected to be at the time. Whether you are defending England from a cross-Channel invasion, slipping into Ruritania to rescue your look-alike cousin, or defending the German Empire from an invasion from the East, this app will let you do it in proper style!

The Game App

The game app replaces most chart lookups, giving players the scores needed for rolls to hit, pass morale checks, etc. It may optionally be used to generate weather events (used if flying craft are involved in the scenario.) The app itself is fairly simple:

Some Sources for Figures

There are of course many sources for figures for the various Steampunk and Victorian science-fiction games available today, and all of these may have useful figures. Specifically for this game, we find that there are some figures which are particularly appropriate: Redoubt makes a line of British infantry and artillery in home-service uniforms (plus Russians), and Ironclad Miniatures also has a few home-service British, including guardsmen in bearskins. There are also some French and Prussians available from this company. If you are looking for continental foes, you can find these in many places - there is a listing of 19th century European figures which might give you some ideas.

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