Computer-Assisted Historical Miniatures Wargames

The Other Side of the Hill

A Miniatures Game of Napoleonic Skirmish Warfare in the Peninsula

Figure Scale: This game is designed for use with individually based 25mm/28mm miniatures, but can be used with smaller miniatures by adjusting the measurement units for all distances (centimeters instead of inches for 15mm, etc.).

Equipment Needed:A collection of approximately 80 miniatures to cover both player and non-player forces is required (the Rules and Guidelines for Play provide a description of what is needed). Rulers or tape measures in inches are necessary, as is a normal-sized wargames table, and terrain appropriate for northern Spain. No dice are required - all randomization can be performed by the app - but if players wish to use dice for combat and morale, they are ordinary 6-sided ones (users may select whether to use dice or not).

Type of Game: Players will take the part of the British and their Allies, running a small number of units each made up of 6 - 30 figures. The game requires a game master to run the app and play the French and non-player forces, although it is also good for solo play. Large games (more than 3 or 4 players) may employ a second game master.

Link to App: The Other Side of the Hill

Rules and Guidelines for Play: HTML   PDF

"Scouting Villa Nueva" (Scenario): HTML   PDF

"Remote Tabletop Wargaming: A First Attempt" (An Account of the Villa Nueva Scenario, run during the pandemic): HTML


Some of the best soldiers of the Napoleonic Wars were the British and KGL riflemen and light infantry forces which preceding the British army everywhere it went in the Peninsula, fighting endless skirmishes against the French forces. This game allows players to experience that war, as depicted in the popular Sharpe's Rifles videos and books. Players fight against the app and the game master, looking for French troop concentrations and patrols, destroying baggage trains, escorting Exploring Officers and confused (and sometimes quite attractive) British tourists, and generally doing the things that riflemen did (er... well, most of the time!).

This type of skirmish game gives players an opportunity to collect and paint miniatures which are usually not seen in Napoleonics games: civilians, guerillas, monks, and other colorful characters of the Peninsular War. The Rules and Guidelines for Play give some tips for where some of these less-common miniatures can be found. The number of figures required is not huge - with a modest amount of effort, an existing Napoleonics collection can provide for a new and fun type of game in a period which has been played before in a more typical style.

So put down that bottle of Porto, pick up your rifle, and go find out what's on "The Other Side of the Hill"!

The Game App

The game app is used by the game master to moderate all play. It introduces government forces and other tabletop events during play, and allows player forces to make a wide variety of actions. The app itself is fairly simple:

During play, units will act one at a time in response to a randomized initiative (the "Initiative/Event" button) which also serves to trigger tabletop events. All consequent actions (fire, movement, melee, etc.) are conducted using the "Take Action" button and other app fields, as appropriate. Because the game does not involve learning a lot of complex mechanics, it is easy to pick up. With a good game master, it plays as fast or faster than most similar miniatures games.

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