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Battles in Mexico, 1910 - 1920

Figure Scale: This game is designed for use with 15mm/18mm miniatures, but can be used with smaller miniatures by increasing the number of figures per base. 25mm/28mm figures can be accomodated by doubling base sizes, ranges, movement distances, etc.

Equipment Needed: Armies of 6 to 24 units (typically 4 to 6 bases each) are needed, one per side. Table and terrain requirements are normal. Rulers/tape measures in inches are needed.

Type of Game: Tabletop competitive grand-tactical battle game for conflicts involving a few thousand participants per side.

Link to App: Revolucion!

Rules and Guidelines for Play: HTML   PDF

"Battle for Esperanza, 1914" (Scenario): HTML   PDF


The Mexican Revolution is one of the largest wars ever to be fought in the new world, and yet it is often treated as a "colonials"-type skirmish period by miniatures wargamers. While it has the colorful aspects of colonials, it featured many large-scale battles perfect for recreating on the tabletop. Wargamers tend to think of the Pershing Expedition or the landing at Vera Cruz, but these were far from the central actions of the war: battles like Celaya, Zapatecas, Torreon, and Aguas Prietas featured entire armies fighting large-scale actions with WWI-era weaponry, but with a much higher degree of mobility, thanks to the nature of the terrain and the tendency of armies to have lots of cavalry. It is a visually appealing subject for miniatures wargames, but can be equally appealing in terms of weapons capabilities and tactics.

Revolucion! is designed to depict these battles at a grand-tactical scale. It is a fast-play system which is well suited to remote play using cameras and Skype or Zoom, but is equally well-suited to convention play, being easy to learn. Games are generally run from 2 to 4 hours. Revolucion! is also suitable for re-fighting some of the other Latin American conflicts of the early 20th Century.

The Game App

The game app performs all calculations and dice-rolling, with the initiative passing back and forth between sides frequently, to keep players engaged. The app itself is simple, with only a single screen (depicted below), and serves to speed play. It can be run simultaneously on more than one device for large games.

So grab your Mauser and saddle up! There's a corrupt regime to be overthrown! Viva la Revolucion!

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