Computer-Assisted Historical Miniatures Wargames

La Guerre Outrance

Grand-Tactical Franco-Prussian Warfare in Miniature

Figure Scale: This game is designed for use with standard wargaming miniatures in 15mm and smaller scales. (For 25mm/28mm, all measurements and distances can be doubled.) Supports the use of most common basing systems.

Equipment Needed: Figures and terrain as for most other FPW games, rulers or tape measures (in inches), status markers, and one or more devices to run the app (tablet, smart phone, or PC). No computer set-up is required to play.

Type of Game: A traditional competitive battle game.

Link to App: La Guerre Outrance

Rules and Guide to Play: HTML   PDF

"Spicheren, 1870" (Opening Battles Scenario): HTML   PDF

"Turning the Flank: Fighting at Grigy, 14 August 1870" (Borny-Colombey Scenario): HTML   PDF

"The Battle of Harville-Moulotte" (Alternate Mars-la-Tour Scenario): HTML   PDF

"St. Privat: Attack of the Guards" (Scenario of the Prussian Guard at St Privat): HTML   PDF

"St. Privat: Counter-Attack of the Imperial Guard" (What-If Scenario): HTML   PDF

"Relieving the Citadel, 1871" (Republican Phase Fictional Scenario): HTML   PDF


La Guerre Outrance is a traditional miniatures game for recreating the larger actions of the Franco-Prussian War in 1870. Players maneuver brigades - whole armies can be fielded to re-play entire battles over the course of a normal gaming session. It is designed to be a fast-play alternative to other grand-tactical systems, and uses a common basing system for figures. Time, figure, and ground scales are higher, making for shorter, more decisive actions.

The emphasis is on army and corps-level command: the functions of lower-level generals and officers are handled by the system. This speeds play, and lets players focus on commanding armies instead of regiments or brigades. The game does not use dice, and allows one or more players to use a device to moderate play. The interface is simple and easy to use.

The game app has a single screen which functions as a "calculator" for resolving game actions.

The system is built on a large body of research into the weapons, formations, and doctrine of the period, hiding this complexity to let players experience a more detailed level of simulation in a fast-play format. So go ahead and discover what it is like to fight war to the uttermost, in the most decisive European conflict of the later 19th century!

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