It is difficult to know exactly how many miniatures are required to play Devil in the Wilderness, because large multi-player games will involve lots of extra figures appearing on the table. At the same time, a huge collection of figures is not required for an average game.

The following section gives a sense of how many miniatures, and of what type, are required for a typical 2-player game. A description of the kind of figures needed, and some indicative suggestions for where they can be purchased are also provided. (We encourage you to dig around on the sites we have linked to – there are a lot of useful miniatures out there!)

We have tried to stay faithful to the style of the historical period – the late 17th century in New England and New France – in these recommendations. This is, of course, not a strictly historical game so if you wish to employ figures from a later period (such as the French & Indian War) or an earlier one (such as the English Civil War) no one will really be able to accuse you of being wrong!

Witch Hunters

This category is largely self-explanatory. Witch Hunters are Puritans of an intense sort, focused on their particular mission: exterminating witches! In the game, both Cotton Mather and Increase Mather fit this mold quite exactly. Other figures such as John Alden, not being ministers, could be portrayed by a wider range of figure types.

Cotton Mather:

Increase Mather:

John Alden:

You may need as many as 10 militia with muskets, and the same again for the rank and file of the ranger faction. At this time, colonial militia often did not wear uniforms. The characteristic appearance of rangers from the 18th century was not yet in evidence. They would look like any other militiamen (which does not, of course, stop you from using French & Indian War-era rangers if you want something distinctive on the tabletop…)

Major Benjamin Church (colonial officer):



Devil in the Wildernessuses some very specific characters for the Witches as described. Some possibilities are provided here. (It could also be played with traditional “witch” figures, but that is not the intention.) Interestingly, a large proportion of the people convicted as witches in Europe were churchmen, so having a minister like Reverend Burroughs as a witch is less uncommon than Hollywood might have you believe. You will need at least 2 Ghost Witches, and a larger number of “Lost Braves,” with 6-10 being ideal. (Sadly, some of the really useful figures depicting Native American witches, shamans, and healers are discontinued or not available – Flint & Feathers used to make some good ones.)

Reverend Burroughs (minister type):

Ghost Witches (ghost, wraith, or witch/Native American shaman):

Lost Hunters” (Wabanaki Zombies):


The French faction in this game is made up primarily of Acadian militiamen, who would neither wear uniforms nor be particularly concerned about it! Baron Saint-Castine, being a member of the nobility, could be depicted as wearing the garb of an officer and a gentleman, or in his guise as an Abenaki chief, which would involve more fur and buckskin, and a lot less lace! You will need at least 2 sergeants (whether dressed as officers or regular malice) and about 10 milice rank and file. All of these would likely be armed with muskets.

Baron Saint-Castine/Sergeants (as French officers):

Acadian Milice:

Native Americans

You will need about 10 regular Native American warriors with muskets, along with more distinctive figures for Madockawando and his sagamores (you will need 2 of these).

(You can find a lot of good characterful Native American figures in either of these lines, and also at Warlord and elsewhere.)

Super Natural

Many of the supernatural figures in the game may already be in player’s collections, but in some cases there are versions of some figure types which have a distinct character, making them especially suitable for Devil in the Wilderness. We have tried to at least give you a starting point for everything, but some of these are quite appropriate for our purposes!

You will want only a couple of familiars (large and small), but you will need as many as 12 zombies (these can be Native Americans, as above, or colonial townsfolk), 2 sets of plague rats, 2 werewolves, and 3 dire wolves. Chemoo, the ice giant, is optional, as is Aglebemu.

Familiars, Large and Small:

Townsfolk” Zombies:

Plague Rats:


Dire Wolves:

Chemoo (ice giant):

Aglebemu (giant frog):


Townsfolk(armed villagers):


Block House:

Meeting House:

Colonial Houses(You need 3):



Ox Carts(Need 2):