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A Bloody Dismal Fight

Late Medieval European Warfare in Miniature

Figure Scale: This game is designed for use with 25mm/28mm miniatures, but can be used with smaller miniatures by adjusting the measurement units for all distances (centimeters instead of inches for 15mm, etc.). Basing is consistent with many popular Ancients & Medieval rules sets.

Equipment Needed: Armies of 6 to 18 units (typically 3 or 4 bases each) are needed, one per side. Table and terrain requirements are normal. Rulers/tape measures in inches are needed.

Type of Game: Tabletop battle game, similar to many other Medieval rules, but not intended for tournament play.

Link to App: A Bloody Dismal Fight

Rules and Guidelines for Play: HTML   PDF

"Battle of Brustem, 1467" (Liegeois Wars Scenario): HTML   PDF

"Battle of St. Aubin-du-Cormier, 1488" (War of the Public Weal Scenario): HTML   PDF

"Tewkesbury: The Fall of the House of Lancaster, May, 1471" (Wars of the Roses Scenario): HTML   PDF

"Battle of Bellagio" (Fictional Papal-Venetian Wars Scenario): HTML   PDF


The late Medieval period is a fascinating one, spanning the Hundred Years' War, the Burgundians Wars, the Wars of the Roses, and more. The days of the straight-ahead charge with mounted knights were ending, and the supremacy of longbow and pike was being proven. Gunpowder weapons - both handguns and artillery - were used in field battles with increasing frequency. All of these changes added a level of sophistication and complexity to the wars of the era which had been lacking earlier during the Medieval period in Western Europe. While personal leadership was still crucial, the leaders could also best each other through their tactical combinations, bringing a renewed level of nuance to the field.

A Bloody Dismal Fight is designed to support remote play, using miniatures and cameras, and to provide an easy system for regular convention play. It is decisive, easy to learn, and produces relatively short battles (2-3 hours is typical), while employing armies of goodly size (as compared to some fast-play games in the past). It is designed for use with 25mm/28mm figures, as those are the easiest to see both on-screen during remote play and at the convention table. Armies are challenging to maneuver, but not impossible, and the game rewards the thinking commander as well as the bold one, effectively capturing the feel of late-Medieval combat.

The Game App

The game app performs all calculations and dice-rolling, with the initiative passing back and forth between sides frequently, to keep players engaged. The app itself is simple, with only a single screen (depicted below), and serves to speed play. It can be run simultaneously on more than one device for large games.

So string your longbow, mount your destrier, or pick up your bill, and come join us in A Bloody Dismal Fight!

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